At South Forty Snacks, sourcing means so much more than just working with the best ingredients. It means honoring those ingredients, the passionate individuals who cultivate them, and the planet that made their very existence possible in the first place.

When we seek out a new nut, seed or fruit, we’re looking for the best of the best. Unique varietals, delicious tastes and excellent quality. All of which is impacted by the climate, soil conditions, and physical features of the area they are grown. And of course, the people involved in the process make the biggest difference too. We always seek to work with suppliers we know and trust, who are committed to preserving the essential identity of their beautiful crops and grow food in ways that help support and maintain healthy environments and communities.

Our premium nut bars are crafted along the serene shores of the Mediterranean in Greece. The family business who makes our bars, run by two brothers, uses a cherished recipe that has been passed down through generations. For centuries, locals have harvested nuts from their trees, blending them with just a touch of honey and sugar to create these delectably simple nut bars.

Our tropical fruits comes from 1,400 smallholder farmers across Ghana and Ivory Coast. This is where some of the best mango and pineapple in the world is grown along with where our bars are made.

Our farmer partners are committed to multi-cropping, agroforestry, and preserving biodiversity. To produce our bars, we use renewable energy resources that transform all fruit waste into energy, solar energy, and bio-gas which generate electricity and heat for the drying of our the fresh fruit. Made with the highest food safety standards (USFDA inspected), we ensure that our people are paid a fair wage, receive proper training, hot meals, transportation to and from work, and schools for the children of moms working at the plant.