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So much of our food today comes from large scale industrial farms and processing facilities and marketed and distributed by mega food conglomerates. Sunflower seeds are no exception. But South 40 Snacks has a simpler way. We partner with small scale farmers committed to preserving the essential identity of their beautiful crops. Our seeds are harvested with care by Avi, our farming partner.

Meet Avi

This is Avi. He’s our farmer partner in Israel where our seeds grow under the hot Mediterranean sun. South 40 Snacks are a unique varietal of giant sunflower seeds, grown and perfected as the ultimate snacking seed. Avi is a nurturing soul, and we appreciate the care he and his colleagues give each and every sunflower from planting to harvesting, sorting and cleaning the seeds before shipping them directly to us for roasting in the US. Plus, Avi shares our obsession with purity, simplicity—and fun.