I’ve been in the snack food world for 20 years. Along with my previous co-founder partner and best friend, we created Sahale Snacks and grew it into a household brand. Our claim to fame was reinventing commoditized trail mix with complexity – essentially amazing combinations of ingredients and flavors.

Flash forward, and here I am again with different insights and perspectives. The calling today is for simplicity and snacks that taste closer to their pure and earthly essence. Nothing over-engineered. No fuss, no fillers.

I believe that living authentically and taking time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures is the best way to live–and to snack. What started as a sunflower seed company has blossomed into a genuine passion for taste, quality and community. So sit back, relax, and snack. We’re just getting started.

–Josh Schroeter


Jonas Hanna, Co-Founder

Jimmy Freudenberg, Head of Sales

Chris Watson, National Account Manager

Kinsey Kahlo, Finance Manager

Mason Crabs, Sales & Marketing Manager