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Our Mission

At South 40 Snacks we are on a mission to bring moments of pleasure and tranquility – one bite, one bag at a time. We are obsessed with only sharing the best, keeping it simple, and always being transparent. But offering a tasty snack and a good source of nutrition is only part of it. We are passionate about providing a simple product that makes you feel good physically and mentally. We believe food should be experiential. If it transports you to an unexpected and wonderful place, we will be happy.

Our Founder

I’ve long enjoyed scouring the world looking for the best seeds, nuts, fruits, and spices. Here’s a picture of me in Marrakesh, Morocco in 2012, in search of new natural snacks. I created South 40 Snacks because I’m passionate about our particular varietal of Israeli-grown, giant-sized sunflower seeds. I first had them as a kid living in Israel and became hopelessly addicted. But back in the US, for decades and decades, I just couldn’t find another sunflower seed that compared in size, quality, snap, ease of crack, and delicious nutty flavor.
In 2018, with a background in entrepreneurship in the snack food business, I decided to go for it and launched the company. After two years of selling our sunflower seeds, we began exploring other unique varietals of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits from around the globe to add to our snack portfolio. We discovered these Chilean Jumbo Flame raisins and decided they were the perfect second item for South 40. Bigger, better, and highly differentiated from what’s out there in market… that’s the South 40 way. It’s an amazing journey that’s just beginning, and I’m thrilled so many people are now becoming obsessed with the world’s best sunflower seeds and raisins.

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