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Nostalgic, delicious, nutty flavor


End of story


Less time cracking and more time snacking

Like the seeds you grew up eating. Only better.

Our loyalists tell us our seeds remind them of long summer days passing the time and eating fresh roasted, big seeds. We love that. Please share a bag and bask in the memories.
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South 40 Vs. The Competition

At South 40 Snacks, we reject the status quo. Our seeds are a different eating experience and people are discovering just how much better a sunflower seed can be. Most important, is the South 40 robust, nutty flavor. Then there’s the size thing. While we don’t like to brag about our size too much, we know it’s a big deal to some people. South 40 Snacks has the largest seeds. End of story. (FYI: sunflower seeds are an agricultural product and inconsistencies in size and appearance will occur. We encourage you to compare for yourself).
What to wear

When you're eating seeds

From caps to shirts, we've got you covered.

The S40 Mission

We are on a mission to bring moments of pleasure and tranquility – one bite, one bag at a time. We are obsessed with sharing only the best, keeping it simple, and always being transparent. But offering a tasty snack and a good source of nutrition is only part of it. We are passionate about providing a simple product that makes you feel good physically and mentally. We believe food should be experiential. If it transports you to an unexpected and wonderful place, we will be happy.
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Get to know our farmer partner and where our seeds come from.
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Don't just take our word...

540 reviews
Seeds & Salt | 24 Bags
Juli Chrispen
Love the Sunflower Seeds

I would buy them at HEB in San Antonio, but sometimes they wouldn't have any so I am glad that you ship!!

Big and flavorful…

Cant wait to see if they start making flavored seeds like sea salt/Vinegar, cheddar cheese, ranch, bbq, teryaki, sweet tai chille, garlic parm, etc or ill be buying by cases

Seeds & Salt | 6 Bags
Brian Douthett
Great Seeds

Large seeds and very good

Seeds & Salt | 6 Bags
Joseph Ocampo
Best seeds ever

I have been eating Davidson’s for over 40 years. I have switched. These have more flavor and easier to eat. Thanks

Very large seeds. Very tasty. Will order again